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Mein Interview in ChackPacker

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was born in Russia in a small harbour town near the Black Sea. At age 24, however, her hometown became too cramped for her. Vera moved to Munich and has been living in Germany ever since. In Russia, she had worked as an art director in an advertising agency and has been working in the field of conception and creation for years. About 2 years ago she started her travel blog “La Blonde”, where she shares all her travels, the most beautiful destinations as well as restaurant and hotel tips with her followers. Today, Vera Hutterer talks to us about her experience traveling as a blogger.

Thank you for talking to us today, Vera! So let us know: What’s important to you when you travel?

Mobility. Almost all of my travels include a car. Even if I fly to distant destiantions I always rent a car, so I can stay mobile and reach the most beautiful places. Without a car it is hard to go on a voyage of discovery: the most beautiful locations are usually not on the main routes and can hardly be reached without a vehicle.

How is traveling as a blogger different from traveling privately?

That is indeed a huge difference. As a blogger you are never really free. Every day is thoroughly planned: usually we drive to the shooting location very early to catch the best light. Afterwards we have breakfast, answer e-mails and cooperation requests and select pictures from the latest photoshoot. Usually we shoot again in the afternoon or evening or drive to the next location, which is often 200 km away. Somewhere in between we squeeze in a short visit to the beach every now and then. Often I don’t get back to the hotel until half past two at night. And the next day look the same. On my last six-week trip to the Cote d’Azur I only took two days off in total. And still I don’t miss the time when vacation was pure vacation and I spent most of the time at the beach or in the souvenir shops. A vacation without a task would be too boring for me today.


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With such a busy travel schedule you always have to be well-equipped. What are three things you can’t travel without?

I never travel without my notebook, my camera and my care products. I’d rather leave all my clothes at home, but I can’t travel without these three things.

So how do you select the clothing and beauty items you take on a trip?

I take almost everything I own with me. Usually it is a very large suitcase with clothes and another large suitcase with care products. It’s happened to me before that I didn’t use half of it. But I’d rather pack too much than too little!

Wow, traveling light as a blogger sounds like quite a challange! What’s your favorite travel outfit?

A jeans skirt with boots, a biker jacket and a scarf. So I am dressed well for all occasions and for every weather.

Which place in the world would you love to travel to and why?

India. The Indian culture is ancient, indescribably beautiful and diverse. A huge country with many contrasts, colorful, loud, unpredictable. There is a lot to discover and experience – I would like to give my readers and followers an impression of authentic India and tell them about its most beautiful sides.

What’s your craziest travel story?

A car journey through France – 3,700 km in ten days from Munich via Switzerland through Italy to the Cote d’Azur and further through the French Massif Central and back – in a roadster that was quite small and not very comfortable. I felt as if I lived in the car. But I experienced all the beauty of the South of France. I traveled through Provence to the most beautiful beaches, experienced the medieval beauty of the truffle region Uzes, went further to the origin of the Loire and along the river course past wonderful castles and palaces. It was definitely the “craziest” but also one of the most beautiful journeys in my life.

We are so happy you shared your travel experience with us today! Thank you so much and we wish you pleasant travels in the future!

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