There are moments in which I get weak in the knees. So for example when I saw for the Eiffel Tower for the first time. It was from the airplane as I was on my way to Paris. That’s how I felt when I was offered the Corvette Stingray von Chevrolet for a test drive – a gigantic red toy with immense power. My heart was beating when I was standing right in front of it and I felt like I could burst with joy – even though I’m a woman who is rather interested in shopping, baking and cats than in cars. Now I can imagine how men must feel who see or drive a Corvette! 

Well, it’s not entirely true that I’m only interested in shopping, baking and cats. I always fancied beautiful cars. Who of you has their first car or can remember their first car? My first car was not the most beautiful one. It was a rather old model, with some rusty spots, and partially fixed with tape. I was studying and had no money to fix my car. I had just enough money to buy gasoline.

My first car had a leaking sunroof and in the car wash it happened sometimes, that it rained a bit on my head. In winter all other people went regularly to work, only I was stuck at the parking lot: under 0° Celsius the engine wouldn’t start at all. And even if I managed to start the car, it wouldn’t be able to go up certain hills. The engine was simply too old. But I still loved that car.

A car is a symbol of liberty

This continued for some time. As I student I sometimes had the choice between buying something for myself, or filling up the tank. Almost always I chose the car. And this was for a reason: For me a car wasn’t only a means of transportation, it was a symbol of freedom. If there is something like a travel-gene, that makes one want to travel the world, I definitely have it. I need to travel and to be underway just like the air I breathe. If I can’t travel for half a year I feel confined like a bird in a cage. A car gives me the possibility to travel. If I would sum up the kilometres I was travelling through Europe by car, it would probably be many thousands of kilometres. I would even forgo a nice flat and live more modest in order to have a car that I can go travelling with. I would even rather live with one shirt and one pair of jeans in my closet than without a car.

Corvette: more plane than car

Over the years I got slightly better cars. They didn’t have rusty spots and hills weren’t a problem anymore. The Corvette was in comparison to my first car the absolute opposite. With 466 hp. it was the most powerful car I ever drove. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to test the full power of the engine, since 50 km/h is the fastest you can go in the city and the highway was simply too packed. But still I had great fun with the Corvette. I had rather the feeling of sitting in an airplane than in a car. Despite the size the Corvette is very manoeuvrable and I was surprised how comfortable I felt with the car. Normally I don’t like any other car better than my own car. Everything in another car feels unfamiliar. I have to get used to the length and width of a new car, as well as to the seat and the gear. However, with the Corvette it was like a tailor-made dress: it fitted perfectly! The one and a half hours long test drive passed very quickly. Way quicker than I would have liked it. If I could I would have gone strait southwards to the sea: across the beautiful landscapes of Switzerland, with a short stopover in Milan, and further to Saint-Tropez. One day I might do such a tour. And maybe even with the Corvette.

Do you also love to travel by car? Or do you prefer to go by plane?
I’m looking forward for your comments!

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