Strandfigur in 4 Wochen Vera Hutterer La Blonde Blog

Strandfigur in 4 Wochen La Blonde Blog

Strandfigur in 4 Wochen perfect body La Blonde Blog

Strandfigur in 4 Wochen Fashionblog La Blonde

I clearly remember that day: we finally booked our holiday trip! First I was super excited. But when I started thinking about which bikini I want to take with me, my excitement faded. In that moment I would have loved nothing better than to go on the beach with a burkini instead of a bikini – not a bad invention. Especially for a person like me, who rarely works out since three years and who is likewise obsessed with Bavarian pork roast. There wasn’t much time until the holiday. A beach body in 4 weeks – is that even possible?

Everyone is familiar with the situation: sometimes when you look at yourself in the mirror you ask yourself ‘what’s up with this strange person’? And it’s not even that we don’t like ourselves. It’s rather that we have a very specific concept of how we want ourselves to be. At least I have such a concept of myself. That’s why it kept me busy that these midriff bulges wanted to be part of my body decoration. But it wasn’t much time until the holiday and I had to be creative to tone up my figure. So far I only knew three ways to get oneself into shape; wearing underwear like Bridget Jones, exercising, and optimizing the diet. Bridget Jones’ trick was not an option. Therefore I had to choose between the other two – and I began with exercising. I immediately realized the following:

I’m too lazy to exercise regularly

No wonder: if I didn’t exercise for the last three years, why should I start now – whispered an inner voice. Every time I wanted to exercise something more important intervened: another email needed to be answered, something needed to be rearranged, or the cats needed to be fed. And so it continued till one day I bought a new pair of shorts. I tried them on and was shocked – I was looking at a wale in summer cloths. And suddenly I was motivated to exercise: I wanted to look at this wale in the mirror never again! Since then I tried one the same shorts nearly every day. Especially at days when I had no motivation to exercise – which definitely helped me to exercise more diligent.

But exerciseing is not everything. It is impossible to exercise as much as one can eat – I had this realization after my scale didn’t alter for days. Therefore my next task was: optimizing my diet. But how to optimize the diet of a person who loves all that is sweet and rich in calories? The next truth about myself that I realized was:

I love to eat way too much

So I started thinking about ways to improve my diet. It would be my worst nightmare to sit on an empty dining table just with one rice cracker in my hand. And this for weeks. But it doesn’t have to be like that. I remembered the days when I was still a little girl. Back then everyone told me,  – literally everyone, even my neighbour’s dog: you are way to skinny. Great! That’s how I had the idea to start eating like I did that time. As the whim takes me – just intuitively. To eat only when I’m hungry and not depending on the time. And to eat the things I feel like eating. 

Surprisingly I noticed that I ate very different things when I started listening to my body. Sometimes I just feel like eating a salad or a stake without a side dish. As a girl I loved watermelon, which is why I started eating watermelon again. I also recognized that in the past I often ate way too much out of habit or frustration after a long day of work. Maybe with the intention to reward myself for all the exhausting hours. Which definitely has nothing to do with being hungry!

My tips: How to Get a Beach Body in 4 Weeks

I further replaced butter with olive oilsweets with fruits – watermelon became my favourite food again. Instead of cappuccino or hot chocolate I drank Greek MoccaInstead of pork – beef. And lots of fish and vegetables. When I stopped eating: bread, sugar and butter – my scale delivered better results from day to day. Just with a bit of exercise and a tiny change in my diet I got rid of the uncomfortable feeling when I thought about going to the beach in a bikini. It was even the opposite: I enjoyed it a lot. I had my beach body again. And I was myself again – a girl who loves watermelons.


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