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I absolutely love the feeling of being somewhere else. And I’d love nothing better than to travel once a month. Maybe my ancestors where nomads or gypsies😊 or I just have a very wanderlusty spirit. Anyhow travelling is the most beautiful thing to me. In my last holiday on Naxos I loved Naxos Old Town from the beginning. I had not only the feeling to be somewhere else but also to be somewhen else. It’s one of the few spots on the Cyclades where you get the instant feeling of being back in the 50s. Naxos is the perfect travel destination for all who love to experience original Greece.

Due to many flight offers from Munich airport I was arriving in Mykonos. After we spent a couple of days on Mykonos we travelled by ferry to Naxos. Although the two islands are just 60 km apart from each other, Naxos and Mykonos are different as day and night. Mykonos’ vibe is completely different: It’s stylish, chic, highclass and a party island. By contrast Naxos preserves the vibe of an old, drowsy fishermen’s village. At the promenade old Greeks are sitting around and chatting with each other, who remind of the times of Alexis Sorbas. Octopi are drying on robes in the sun, which I found first a bit scary and disgusting. Thousands of shops selling souvenir stuff, there are many nice bars and everywhere is plenty of surprisingly good, simple food – that’s Naxos.

Naxos Old Town: lovely, drowsy fishermen’s village

Naxos Old Town is a lovely little town – with many alleys, even smaller and more winding than the ones in Mykonos. I spotted some cute interior shops and bought several nice items for decorating my home in Munich. I wished I could have bought all of the things they sold, only my concerns whether my luggage fits in the plane kept me from doing it. There are lots of sweet restaurants and bars in Naxos Old Town offering the possibility to take a drink on their terrace. At sunset the view on the harbour from one of these terraces is overwhelming!

We were renting a scooter and riding across the island. The farther you go from Naxos city into the heart of the country the more pristine the scenery: breathtaking beaches, dusty roads and simple farmhouses. I even came across a farmer who was sitting on a donkey – now you know what I mean when I spoke about the vibe of the 50s. And all of this – the turquoise-blue sea, the scent of fig trees, which grow everywhere, and the simple but lovely beauty of the island, made this holiday trip an unforgettable experience.

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