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Are you also dreaming of a place where the summer never ends? Are you dreaming of a place where insouciance, cheerfulness and party atmosphere are home? A place where authentic and modern are merging? Where you can find the best food and the most beautiful people? A place so enchanting that you remember it forever? Sounds much like paradise, right? Well, that’s Mykonos! Here I show you the most beautiful island, my personal must-go-holiday-destination in my Mykonos travel guide. You will definitely fall in love with Mykonos!

It happens every year: I have Mykonos-nostalgia. I actually have it throughout the year from the moment on I get on a plane from Mykonos back to Munich. Mykonos is changing me, it changes me into my better self – free, happy and forever young. On Mykonos the time truly stands still. In some respect time had stopped when Mykonos was still a fishermen’s island. Today Mykonos is a luxury island – in August the whole Jetset is chilling here and that for a reason. But the authentic remains. And exactly that mixture makes the island so charming.

Like every year I was visiting Mykonos this summer. After I visited all my favourite restaurants, shops and places I thought to myself: I want to share it with you! As I know some of the absolute top-locations on Mykonos, it would be wasted not telling you about it. Nearly everything I saw or experienced on Mykonos was absolutely stunning. Once a waiter in a hotel bar told me secretly that there are no lousy restaurants on Mykonos because the island is way to small for that. And he was right! Here are the best prawns, the best stakes and the best vines!

Mykonos city is quite small, but actually it’s the perfect size. It’s myriad, white allays and winding streets, it’s many shops, cafes and restaurants. Every time I’m amazed to see so many beautiful people. Here I can finally wear all my dresses without being asked whether I plan to go to the opera today. But Mykonos also has another side: the authentic one. Small restaurants with basic but excellent food. They are mostly a bit further and scattered on the island but perfectly reachable with a scooter. I highly recommend you to rent a scooter!  There is nothing more beautiful then riding on a scooter into the sunset alongside the coast. Especially at dusk when the herbs on the barren hills emit their pleasant scent!

Mykonos Travel Guide: Food

Kastro’s – hidden in an alleyway with view on a mill. My favourite spot is the outside bench near the water. It’s the perfect location for refreshment or an afternoon snack.

M-eating – a gourmet restaurant in the heart of the shopping street. Greek cuisine finely presented. I prefer to sit on the terrace as I can watch the flow of tourists passing by while eating, which makes me feel like I’m in the thick of it.

Kalita – another gourmet restaurant, but this time hidden inside a patio. It’s exquisite cuisine makes my mouth watering only by looking at the menu. By the way, here I ate the best prawns in Greece!

Myconian Utopia – my personal number one! Breathtaking design, outstanding cuisine, dramatic view on the Aegean Sea. Utopia is definitely worth a grown! When I was recently dining here I was overwhelmed by the experience so that I started believing that the Geek gods must have created Utopia! The Utopia provides a helipad for the ones arriving with their helicopter. If you don’t have your own helicopter you can also rent one here. 😊

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Mykonos Travelguide Kastros Restaurant La Blonde Blog

Mykonos Travel Guide: Shopping

Die Jorjy Boutique I discovered this shop last year and ever since I have to come back time after time. It’s not only their well-composed collection that makes me love this boutique. The guys of the shop are also super nice and are top style advisers. I bought my most beautiful summer dress here. One of the shop assistance showed me just one dress, I tried it on and it suited perfectly!

Mykonos Travelguide La Blonde Blog Vera Hutterer

Mykonos Travelguide Jorjy Boutique La Blonde Blog

Mykonos Travelguide La Blonde Blog Shopping Guide

Mykonos Travel Guide: Art

Die Rarity Gallery – is one of my favourite discoveries on Mykonos! Whether you search for an art object for your home, or you’re simply interested in art – you will be enthused by it! Here you can find gorgeous and remarkable art pieces by international artists. Which obviously comes at a price. Every time I visit Mykonos I’m looking forward for the Rarity Gallery. If I were looking for a painting for my flat this gallery would be my number one place to look!

Mykonos Travelguide La Blonde Blog Rarity Gallery

Mykonos Travel Guide: Beach

Ornos Beach – is the most beautiful, relaxed and simply the best beach on Mykonos! Even if the wind blows sometimes strong on Mykonos this bay is still relatively calm. Additionally there are attractive beach chairs, premium service and a sensational crowd. Exactly what you expect from a day on the beach in the summer!

Mykonos Travel Guide: Hotels

Das Ibiscus Boutique Hotel – is located advantageously: overlooking the roofs of Mykonos city as well as the sea. Small, but with exceptionably beautiful interior I would have liked to stay for longer in the Hotel then it was planned.

Das Royal Myconian Resort  – an absolute gem on Mykonos! If I could choose, I would stay here forever. Food, service, interior design – all at its best!

Now you know my favourite spots on Mykonos. I would be happy to know your favourite locations on Mykonos with me! Are you getting ready for Mykonos? How do you like it? Share your experiences with me in the comments! 

Mykonos Travelguide La Blonde Blog

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