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It was a typical start of a holiday: Mykonos airport, a hot day in August, it felt like 40° Celsius. Finally the long-awaited holiday. I could just barely carry my luggage: one big suitcase, one big bag on top of it, one small handbag over one shoulder, another small but heavy bag with photo equipment over the other shoulder. Plus one notebook. While dragging this mountain of luggage towards a taxi, I questioned whether this should actually be called a holiday. Is there maybe another way to travel – holiday without luggage? For instance just with a credit card and an eyeliner in ones pocket?

Obviously there are bigger suitcases than mine – I saw them at the airport with my own eyes. Some people have suitcases that big that even I would fit in there. But actually I’m not very different. I nearly take along all my belongings on holiday. Because I need all of this – cloths, shoes, make up, hair dryer. Yes, a hair dryer. I have never been at a hotel in my life that had a suitable hair dryer that was able to straiten my unmanageable hair. That’s why I always take mine with me. And that’s how all this stuff accumulates. And since I started with my travel and fashion blog La Blonde every holiday is kind of a speed-working trip, which means that I have to take even more stuff with me: photo bag, notebook, and a good selection of outfits. A blogger knows no pain.

The normal madness of holidays

But even before I had my blog travelling was not necessarily easier. For instance when my daughter was still a child. The ones who have kids probably already know what I’m about to say. Travelling with a child means three times the amount of luggage. Kids need lots of cloths because they get dirty every ten minutes. And since we didn’t force our child to be clean because we didn’t want to be responsible that our child would get OCD, we just took more cloths with us. Additionally there are favourite toys (around 300), board games, watercolours, twenty kilo paper and pencils, so that the parents are also able to drink their coffee one in a while without listening to the heartbreaking wailing: “Mama, I’m bored!” And the society of cuddly toy animals without which the child can’t fall asleep has to be taken along as well: Teddy, Piepsie and Quaksi. Loads of stuff, isn’t it?

Oh well, and not to forget my husband. He also wants to take a lot of stuff with him – a paddleboard, paddles, an air pump, flippers and preferably oxygen bottles. Instead he proudly announces that he only takes three shirts with him and wants us to follow his example. At least I could persuade him out of taking the oxygen bottle with us. It’s not like oxygen bottles are rare in the south. Don’t laugh! There are actually worst people. Once I went with a friend to Moscow. She took an electric iron with her. Luckily without the board.

Travelling without Luggage – a Utopia?

I honestly miss the feeling of lightness. The feeling I had when my life was much simpler. A life composed of a computer and a CD collection. A sweater, jeans and a pair of shoes. Certainly I didn’t have a family back then. And a family changes a lot. Through the years most people become evermore materialistic. You’re appreciating the things that you can finally afford. And they are more and more. However, a part of me wants to get rid of all the useless things. Belongings burdens – which is true insofar as every little thing one possesses demands attention.

Bikini, Scooter Helmet and Credit Card

On my last holiday on Mykonos I recognized the difference when I did a tour with a rented scooter. Travelling with a scooter makes it impossible to take a lot of stuff with you. For a long time I haven’t felt so free. Bikini, scooter helmet and credit card – was all I needed. I was able to stop at every beach regardless how difficult it was to access. I was able to pass every mountain pass regardless of how narrow and winding it was. And I didn’t take anything with me that could have reminded me on my daily routine. There was only the sea, the sky, and the sand. Riding with the scooter over the island at sunset was one of my most spectacular travel experiences. The warm wind, the crickets chirping, the smell of wild herbs and the star-studded sky above my head. What more could you want in order to be truly happy? I promised myself that one day I will start to travel like this – without luggage, only with an eyeliner and a credit card.

Did you ever go on holiday without or only with light luggage?
I look forward to your comments!

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