Are you familiar with this game? – If you don’t want something, which you see right in front of you, you just close your eyes and pretend that it’s not here. Probably all of us have played this game when we were children. However, I’ve to admit that I’ve tried this just recently again. I’ve closed my eyes and imagined that autumn wasn’t here yet and that it was still summer. When the sun is shining I’m sometimes even successful with my technique – because it’s still warm. However, as soon as the sun is gone my ostrich-technique doesn’t work anymore – it’s simply too cold without the sun! Does that mean that I’ve to go without my summer dresses already? Fortunately not! Because I’ve found a possibility how to still wear my summer dresses in autumn – combining them with autumn items. That’s why I’ve made a shooting with my autumn outfit for you: summer dress with biker jacket and ankle boots.

Honestly I have to admit that I didn’t feel comfortable at all packing away my summer cloths. They remind me on the summer and on all the warm, sunny and happy days. Every day in autumn I opened my wardrobe and thought to myself: I still have to pack away my summer cloths! But a part of me didn’t want it. Until it became eventually that cold, that I really couldn’t wear neither my shorts nor my tops. I’ve folded them and put them with a deep-drawn sight into the boxes on top of my wardrobe. Goodbye summer!

Then I’ve unpacked my autumn outfits and surprisingly I enjoyed autumn. I was delighted to see all my warm and cosy sweaters that I haven’t worn since quite some time. I was happy about the change of the seasons and the autumn atmosphere. About a pleasant walk on a sunny autumn day somewhere in the countryside while watching the bird migration. About endless chatting over a tee and an apfelstrufdel with a friend. It seems just like I’ve forgotten over the summer how beautiful autumn can be. 

My Favourite Autumn Outfit: Summer Dress with Biker Jacket and Ankle Boots

Despite the change of seasons I don’t want to forgo my summer dresses. When I discovered the pink dress with the beautiful flower pattern in an online shop I wanted to buy it even though it was already October. I fell for the dress immediately! As it arrived I still hesitated. Can I really wear it in autumn or should I rather wait till next summer? And then I found a solution: with my biker jacket from last year and my new ankle boots I found the perfect match.

Below I’ve put the links to the whole outfit – to the original items as well as to similar items. Only my biker jacket from Ralph Lauren is not available anymore. However, I found a similar biker jacket made of dark-blue leather. I hope there is something for every taste!

How do you like my outfit?

Herbstoutfit - Sommerkleid mit Bikerjacke und Ankle Boots La Blonde Blog

Herbstoutfit - Sommerkleid mit Bikerjacke und Ankle Boots Vera Hutterer

Herbstoutfit - Sommerkleid mit Bikerjacke und Ankle Boots La Blonde Fashion Blog

Herbstoutfit - Sommerkleid mit Bikerjacke und Ankle Boots Fashion Blog Germany

Herbstoutfit - Sommerkleid mit Bikerjacke und Ankle Boots Fashion Blog


Dress Y.A.S here
Biker jacket Ralph Lauren similar here
Ankle Boots Tommy Hilfiger here
Sunglass Dolche & Gabbana here
Bag Zara here


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