Celebrate Now Escada Parfum La Blonde

Celebrate Now Escada Parfum La Blonde Vera Hutterer

Celebrate Now Escada La Blonde Blog Parfum

Celebrate Now La Blonde Blog Escada Parfum

Celebrate Now La Blonde Escada Parfum

Celebrate Now Escada Parfum La Blonde Blog

Do you also know the feeling when you wish to retain a special moment? Mostly such moments are unexpected, particularly beautiful and unique. Moments you would like to video tape to enjoy them again and again. That’s how I felt just recently when I was on holiday. I was wearing my favourite dress for dinner and went for a moment on the terrace. And there it was: my unforgettable moment. Maybe the light of the setting sun was exceptionable beautiful that day. Maybe it was the gentle wind in my hair. Maybe it was the combination of things that made this evening unforgettable. I was standing on the terrace and asked myself: Is it possible to retain this bright and happy feeling?

Perhaps that’s what makes these moments so special, that you can’t retain them – or can you? It would be possible to take a picture, but you have to be a very good photographer to capture the exact atmosphere. I rarely succeed in doing so. And even if it was possible to capture the magic atmosphere of such a moment with the camera, there is still more to it. Can the magic of a sunset or the sound of waves be captured in a picture? Is it possible to stop time in moments of happiness and absolute freedom? Is it possible to retain moments in that we love life and life seems to love us back? Moments in that we celebrate life?

All Magic Moments in One Fragrance

When winter comes and the sky is grey I start missing the lovely colours of the summer. I miss the summery temperatures and insouciance. Admittedly winter can also be beautiful, however, I’m 100% a summer girl. In winter I miss nearly everything about the summer. I also miss that evening when I stood at the terrace and watched the sea. I miss the feeling of myself, how I was in this particular moment. But there is a secret that you might know: Fragrances can store memories and emotions. When I wore a particular perfume in summer it reminds me of a specific place and time afterwards.

Celebrate now von Escada is my fragrance of the south, reminding me of the sea and of lovely summer evenings. It reminds me of levity and insouciance that were surrounding me like the warm wind. In its scents of cinnamon and magnolia it stores all my memories on lovely summer nights and the endless starry sky. It’s a fragrance that conjures the sand under my feet. A fragrance that tells me: Live the moment. Celebrate now. 


Dress: J’aime Les Garcons similar Asos
Bracelet: Snö of Sweden

In cooperation with Escada

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