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Do you know the feeling of being surprised by a sudden realization? Just recently I had this experience. It was a normal hot day of a holiday. We went to the beach where it was very windy. Not necessarily the best day to go to the beach: the hair is flying around, the beach towel bulges and the sound of the waves is too loud to understand what other people are saying. However I liked it somehow: the wild sea and the white city on the horizon. But even though the sea was roaring and it was not necessarily relaxing I still had one of the best experiences in my entire holiday.

It was just spectacular at the beach, like in the cinema. I was sitting on a beach chair and was watching the rough sea. Only popcorn was missing – that would have been nothing but flying around anyway due to the wind. However I didn’t feel like leaving and was asking myself why this place attracted me that much. I felt so alive just as if all my senses were sharpened. It was like in Africa, were I experienced a similar feeling of freedom. The nature and especially the sea have a special effect on me: they take my mind off things and make me to the person that I actually am.

The girl from the provincial town on the coast

Sometimes it’s good to be away from home: you can see things from another perspective. And there it was, my sudden realization: While I was sitting at the beach and thought on the crowds of people in my city I asked myself: do they take all of this seriously? Is a life in the city the life that all those people actually want to live? They go to work, come home, switch on the TV, and huddle through the supermarkets. And the same thing over and over again – except on weekends. I’m part of this myself since I live the same life. But sometimes I have the impression as if my life in the city was just provisional. As if it was something that needs to be replaced one day by the real life by the sea. Only at the coast, when looking at the tossing sea, I feel like I have truly arrived.

The reason might be that I grew up by the sea. Maybe I will always be the girl from the provincial town on the coast. Sometimes I realize that I don’t even need that much to be happy – only the blue sea, the white city on the horizon and the black dress. And then I imagine changing my life completely. I would exchange my sports car for a dusty Fiat, the spacious studio apartment for a small, white house by the cliffs, take my two cats with me and move.

Blue Sea, White City and Black Dress

I’m not sure whether it would still be as easy. Maybe I had become too much of an urban animal over the past years. Maybe I would suddenly miss the flexibility to say let’s go to the Italian restaurant next door. Maybe I would miss the Munich vibe and the Viktualien market. And also the Oktoberfest  – every year I’m looking forward to it childlike. Nevertheless I love to dream of living by the sea one day. I dream of it and of the three colours that might mark my life eventually: blue, white and black. Blue like the sea, white like the city on the horizon and black like my dress.

Do you also have such dreams sometimes?
And how do you like the dress?

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