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One of the most breathtaking, spectacular and unforgettable travels of my life was my holiday in Portugal. I never thought it would be that beautiful! To be honest, I didn`t imagine anything about Portugal at all. I was absolutely clueless. Except that there is a portuguese national team and ….. thats basically it. But these ten days by car through Portugal where absolutely stunning. I felt as I was in another dimension. A dimension where colors are richer, smells are more intensive and noises are louder. You can see for yourself and even listen to the ocean: the link to the video is down below.

The first thing I realized when I arrived in Portugal is: that I am somewhere else. Like really completely somewhere else. It felt like it is the end of the world. Even though Portugal is part of the European continent, it feels very distant from home – you can feel the proximity to the equator. Especially in Lisbon, where we arrived. In the past I’ve been traveling in Europe a lot, but I rarely made it further south then Saint-Tropez 😊🍸Portugal simply is a different world – like another planet. We took at the airport the car we booked we drove from Lisbon to the Algarve, where the „elsewhere-feeling“ tripled instantly. Wow! That was a welcoming change to the well known trip Munich – Gardasee – Côte d’Azur – and back! But first things first. And first is Lisbon.

Portugal Travelguide: Lisbon

There are two must-dos in Lisbon: eating and shopping. Portuguese food is just amazing. All these freshly fished prawns. In the beginning I thought I’m in prawn heaven: I’m absolutely addicted to prawns! One time I was here in a restaurant and had Gambas al Achillo as a starter. Prawns in white wine sauce! When I finished it (I nearly licked the sauce from the plate), I ordered the same dish as main course. The waiters and the cook were super happy about it. It was definitely an obvious compliment for the restaurant. Without words!


Canto da Vila: they serve the best prawns I have ever eaten in my life! The restaurant is small and cozy. Their food is authentic and delicious. 


Pois Café: the most chill place in Lisbon. I could spent here a whole week on one of their cozy couches. Also, they have an absolutely fantastic Apfelstrudel. Exactly, you have heared right: apfelstrudel! It is very unconventionally made of flaky pastry. I was very surprised myself to find an apfelstrudel in their menue.


Memmo Alfama ★★★★: fantastic view over Lisbon from their terrace. They also serve an equally fantastic breakfast, which is also served at their terrace. The hotel is that stylish and modern that it would be the perfect setting to shoot a James Bond movie. 

Fortaleza do Guincho ★★★★★: another absolutely spectacular discovery. The old castle from the 17th century is situated on a cliff directly at the atlantic ocean. When we checked in I was speechless. Also the breakfast was absolutely delicious. I was sitting for hours at the breakfast table and was watching the atlantic waves through the big panorama window – I was staying there that long that the staff started to set the table for dinner already. The dinner was also that convincing that it became one of my favorite hotels. 


Is lots of fun in Lisbon – especially because people here have a fashionable, cool and fancy style. Very inspiring! I love to go shopping when I`m on holiday because the cloth remind me on the place I bought them. When I wear cloth that I bought during my holiday, I immediately feel like I’m on holiday!


Drake More Life

Portugal Travelguide: Algarve

Our journey went on to Algarve – we were driving on an empty highway with nearly no cars. We passed peculiar moonlike landscapes. And finally I saw it: the coast of the Algarve. Unbelievably scenic. Orange rocks, turquoise ocean. Fossilized mussels – one as big as both my hands. 


O Pescador Benagilthe best tiger prawns of my life! But mind, if you eat tiger prawns here, you don’t need to order anything else: the prawns are gigantic! O Pescador is already worth a trip to the algarve. 

Portugal Travelguide: Monsaraz

At the border between Portugal and Spain is a small white city located at an eminence. It is actually a fort. The whole city is inside the closed city walls. It feels quite unreal like a place out of a fairy tale. Monstranzen is like a Portuguese Santorini. And since the city is located high up the mountains, I felt like being somewhere between haven and earth. Many restaurant and hotels have small gardens and terraces that offer a sensational view above endless vastness. 


Casa Pinto ★★★★★: the crown jewel of our trip. It is a tiny hotel which has several stories feeling more like a stylish private house then like a hotel. It is that perfect, small and full of nooks and crannies, that I had the feeling to be in a doll house. Every room is furnished in a different style – indian, african chinese etc. reminding on the fairy tale One thousand and one night. I left my heard in this hotel! Not even my grandmother could make such a delicious, fine and rich breakfast. 

Finally be went back to Lisbon. I will never forget this trip – nine hundred kilometers, ten days and many unforgettable experiences. If you have recommendation for Portugal please write a comment! I’m sure I will soon meet again with my big true love Portugal!


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