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Hi, I’m Vera. In autumn 2016 I’ve created my blog La Blonde in Munich. I had the intention to give room to all the beautiful things in my life that go shot in daily routine. Previously I worked for nearly 20 years in the advertising industry founding my own design agency. The backgrounds for the creation of the categories Fashion and Travel in my La Blonde blog are the inspiration through cooperating with many well-known brands, my enthusiasm for fashion as well as my curiosity to discover new places.

Before I created my La Blond blog I made many magnificent holidays and every time I took business cards of the best hotels and restaurants with me. Finally I had so many of these business cards at home that I lost sight of where I put them. I also had plenty of gorgeous pictures of all places that I visited on my phone. But every time I changed my phone or my iMac I lost most of them (I don’t really get how to handle iCloud, haha). That’s why I had the idea to create this blog – sort of a diary, were I can save all the places, memories and experiences and share them with others.

I also added the category Fashion since I’m a passionate shopping-lover. I love everything from brands to cloths and dresses! I never had the moment in my life when I was tired of shopping. It’s rather the opposite, during holiday or while traveling I would like to check out every shop I pass. There is so much to discover! Fashion means for me pure happiness – it’s my favourite medicine for cheerfulness. Well, that’s how I accumulated a lot of happiness in my wardrobe. Many women have already asked me on the street where I bought this or that dress. Now all this is available on my blog!

Now I said a lot! If you made it till here – well done! But to make a long story short: my blog is basically about beautiful things to wear and the best places to unwind. Thus: pure hedonism. By the way, I have grand plans. Travelling, traveling, traveling – as much as it is possible with a child, family life and two cats. I plan to wear many beautiful dresses, to love, to live, to eat and to fly, and I want to share all of this with you. I know that I’m unstoppable; my life is like a turbo-version of Eat Pray Love. But that’s life – it’s way too beautiful to just watch impassively and let it pass by!

Hi, my name is Vera. On my travel and fashion blog La Blonde, I share with you not only beautiful pictures of travels and outfits, but also thoughts on the small and big joys of life as well as location tips and my fashion favorites.
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